Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bugeater GT

Well, I went 1-0-5 at the tourney. Not to say that wasn't expected for my first Grand Tournament. I will always try to get better and will for sure be going back next year. It was good times with good people. Next year I'll have to bring more money though, because there is only so much you can do in a big town when you are really short on cash. Here are some pictures of the event.

 My first opponent's Space Wolves army. Got a chance to Psychic Hood a lot of his sneaky Rune Priest powers.
 My second opponent's Orks. He had 2 Deff Dreads, 2 3-Killa Kan squadrons, 2 Big Meks, and a bunch of Boyz.
 Picture of some Thunderwolf Cavalry that I liked (sorry if some of the pics are kind of blurry).
 Dark Eldar
 Blake Duysen's Imperial Guard. I've fought these guys quite a bit.
 Blake's Lord Commisar with a bunch of Guardsmen and some Leman Russ battle tanks.
 My fourth opponent's Tyranids. Just a picture of his Hive Tyrant and 2 Trygons, but they just look wonderful.
 Clint Beaver's Fire Ants Space Marine army.
 Some beautifully painted Blood Angels.
 A nice Necron army and display board.
 Josh Dunn's Crimson Fists with his Lysander and Vulkan counts as models.
 Crazy cool Dark Eldar.
 Nice little mechanized Imperial Guard army.
Some Grey Knights. I didn't get to play against any Grey Knights at the tournament myself, but I wanted to see how long I would last against them.

I also got a chance to play a small little practice game against Zach Walter and his Squats army at the hotel room. He was running them as Grey Knights so I learned a little bit about they're tricky little rules. It was also my first time moving models on a table in over 2 weeks, so it was good to get back into the swing of things. I also coined the gameplay style "Floorty K", in which we would play a full game on the floor. We never got a chance to play, but brought up playing it all weekend.


  1. I saw it on the internet recently as "Floorhammer"


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