Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Games Played

Today I got a game in with my Tyranids. I like playing them, I just need some more so I can stop trying to load up my Hive Tyrant with so many points, if I lose him, I'm screwed. I'm thinking a few more Zoanthropes, 3 will be nice. I could still run one as the Doom of Malan'tai and have some more Synapse coverage on the battlefield. Mycetic Spores for my units would be cool as well. I just need to be right in my opponent's face right away.

Today's game was Capture and Control, Dawn of War. My HQ and 2 Troops to start with were a Tyranid Prime attached to a 5 Warrior brood with Deathspitters and a Barbed Strangler, and 9 Scything Talon Genestealers with a Broodlord. They were pretty much directly at the half table point to start and were assaulting the 50 man Imperial Guard infantry squad with Commissar Yarrick the first turn. It was super brutal and killy. The Guard ended up destroying all of my guys by turn 4. I did have a lot of trouble bringing my 2 10-Genestealer broods onto the table outflanking, because of Blake's Master of the Fleet. It made me have a -1 to my reserve rolls (countered by my Hive Commander rule) and made me re-roll my table side die with the outflank. 25 Hormagaunts and 10 Genestealers ended up on the wrong side of the table and got obliterated by a Demolisher Cannon and lots of Heavy Flamers.

All in all, we ended up tying with the game ending on turn 5. It was super brutal and awesome to play my Tyranids, and hopefully get a lot of experience with them playing in our campaign this summer. HUZZAH!


  1. It was definitely a great game! And one of the most epic combats ever!. Easily tops the Guardsmen killing Lysander.

    1. What? Why you no play with me?

    2. Because I had to take Leighann to work at 3. If you could've played after 3 we would've gotten some hardcore bug killing action in.